Our Vision at Business Empowered is to equip, empower, and encourage leaders in their calling and in their community. We believe that every person and city has a call and purpose that when realized and rightly connected to God and others, achieves even greater things.



“One connection can change your life.”

Mel & MOna Ponder | FOUNDERS


About Mel & Mona Ponder | Founders

Mel and Mona Ponder began Business Empowered with a vision for impacting business leaders and individuals to exemplify and advance the Kingdom of God in their workplace and community through Godly principles.

They each have over 20 years experience in owning, managing and operating businesses, and have a keen understanding of the unique challenges and lifestyle demands business people face. They have worked with Fortune 500 companies, achieving national recognition for results. In addition, Mel has 8 years experience in government, which furthers his understanding of today’s business challenges. Most importantly, Mel and Mona each possess over 12 years of ministry leadership. This combination of experience in both ministry and the marketplace makes Mel and Mona Ponder uniquely qualified to provide vision, leadership, and expertise to help Business Empowered Members improve their results and impact their communities.

Mel and Mona are actively involved in church and community, and have served on the Board of Directors for multiple Ministries. They have been married for 27 years and are raising 3 children in Northwest Florida.