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Mediation and the Marketplace:

Mediation by definition is a process of intervention in a dispute or relationship in order to resolve it;  intercession.  Jesus is in the Mediation process. 

A CCP Global Human Capital report estimated the annual cost of workplace conflict in the U.S. to be $359 billion in lost time and productivity.  That figure does not include the relationship and internal costs of unresolved conflict.   Phyllis, Carmela and Mona are going to present practical tools to help you navigate, negotiate and resolve conflict you encounter.  Mediation is being used more and more in the court and legal systems because it works.  Conflict is sometimes out of your control, but how you deal with it is not. 

The workshop will include topics on:

  1. The Peace Process - How You View Other People and Yourself
  2. What Mediation Is and Is Not
  3. The Mediation Process/  Tools to Mediate Successfully
  4. Example of Mediation
Phyllis Enzor, who once owned the largest Construction and Demolition Landfill Facility in Northwest Florida, negotiated contracts on many levels.  She says; "Negotiating is a very real part of the internal and external working of a business.   After retirement, Phyllis became a Florida Supreme Court trained family mediator.  She has mediated for corporations, family court, and civil court matters and is working on a Master degree in Conflict Resolution.  

Carmela Bell has been the Broker for ResortQuest Real Estate for the past 30-years.  She is a Certified realtor mediator and has participated in multiple training's in mediation. She currently serves on the Grievance Committee Board for the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors (ECAR), as well as the current Chair of the ECAR Professional Standards Committee.  She has first hand knowledge of participating and/or chairing multiple mediations over past several years. 


Mona Ponder just recently received a 40 hour certification on Mediation from Genesis Mediaiton.  For years, Mona has been mediating between individuals using biblical mediation models  and realized the need for some practical tools to bring people in conflict to resolution and possibly restore relationships.  Mona has a HR, Managment and Entrepreneur background.  She believes we all should be in the Mediation business because mediation is biblical conflict resolution and we all encounter conflicts in work, family, friends, community and life.